The Remarkable Difference

We’re not just another recruitment company. We are structured and operate in an original way, so that you’ll see a remarkable difference.

Established in 2014, we are employee owned, and our team is small but committed, and highly effective. We are committed to getting every job placement right first time, both for the candidate and the client.

So what’s Different about Us?

Our specialist resourcers have all been recruited from the industries that they now work in – meaning that they understand both client and candidate side, and the nuances of the industry and employers in the sector.

We do not employ generalist recruiters, or pressure our staff with daily submission or registration targets – our focus is purely on finding the right candidate for the right role, every time.

As a team, honesty is our permanent watchword – we will not take on a role which we do not believe that we can fill effectively. With our specialist sector knowledge, we advise our clients on realistic expectations for each salary band, what they can achieve with their budget, and what skills are available at what cost.

Every candidate submission is accompanied by detailed interview notes on the candidate’s match to the role.

Remarkable Numbers

72% of our successful placements are headhunted – unlike other agencies, we don’t rely on advertising to find applicants – as we know that this doesn’t often uncover the most remarkable candidates.

Our current candidate retention rate is 97%. This applies to candidates who have left their role in the first three months, and is significantly higher than the typical national average of around 70%.

Our first three clients from 2014 are still with us and actively using us today – this makes us very proud.

Seven days is our average time between taking on a new role, and submitting a shortlist or recommended interviews – we are led by our clients’ needs and timescales, not rigid internal processes.

Targeting – we don’t target our staff with adding numbers of roles or candidates, ever. We’re not about those numbers, which just waste everyone’s time. We’re invested in each role and each candidate, and finding the best solution, every time.

Local Service, Global Reach

For a smaller recruitment company, we have a remarkable reach. We have invested heavily in technology and infrastructure in order to make our operations streamlined, efficient, and highly effective.

That said, systems will never replace our commitment to personal service – technology is used to support our engagement with all of our clients, and help us to deliver the personal and responsive service that we are well known for.

This means that we can offer a consistent level of service for small start-ups through to global organisations, with the same effectiveness and efficacy.

Working with Us

Before starting work with a new client, we always aim to visit your offices and spend time with the team, so that we really understand the company’s individual ethos, team feeling, and environment. This helps us find the perfect match from a human perspective, not just on paper.

For every role, we work through a minimum of a five-stage selection process, including the following:

  1. Application-screening checklist at submission of the role, to ensure it is realistic and achievable
  2. Initial conversation with potential candidates
  3. In-depth interview (over video or face-to-face) to ensure suitability before shortlisting
  4. Pre-interview preparation for candidates to ensure they are fully briefed and prepared
  5. Post-interview feedback

For candidates, this means that we only engage with them if we have a specific and relevant opportunity for them, and are not wasting their time stacking registrations to fill numbers.

For clients, this means that we also provide a highly filtered shortlist specific to their requirements on skills, team fit, and cultural suitability.

It is a highly consultative process, both for the clients and the candidates.

Very importantly, we believe in treating all of our contacts, candidate or client, with respect and humanity. Every time we put forward a candidate, no matter what the outcome, we will provide them with full feedback – and return their calls.

In an industry where non-responses to applications are now the norm, this sets us apart – and also reflects well on our clients, whose name we are working under.

Lastly – we are not driven by ‘hunters’ – when you work with us, we won’t hound you for new roles – but will always be here when you need us.

All of this is what makes us different. Whether you’re a recruiter looking for the perfect candidate, or a candidate looking for the perfect role, we will use our difference to find the perfect solution.

That’s why We’re Remarkable.

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