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Canada, Chicago USA, Europe +1 (646) 741 6763

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EMEA, North America and Asia +44 1183 271170

Our Remarkable Team

Marketing, PR, Back office roles

All about Maya: Our newest member of the team, Maya has a diverse background in digital marketing and the creative industries. Having founded a successful cosmetic company as a teenager, Maya brings entrepreneurial spirit and innovative thinking to the recruitment process. With experience in fashion and beauty modelling! Maya has a keen eye for talent and detail.

At Remarkable, Maya is dedicated to connecting top talent with exciting opportunities, using a unique blend of creative and analytical skills to drive success for clients and candidates alike.

Sales, FMCG, Tech

All about Curtis: A valuable addition to Remarkable, with a fresh perspective and a genuine passion for connecting talented individuals with exciting opportunities. With a strong background in sales, Curtis is eager to leverage his skills in recruiting to help our clients attract top talent.

Outside of work, Curtis engages in a variety of activities. He actively participates in ju-jitsu, weight training, and rock climbing.

Curtis’s diverse range of interests and hobbies provide him with a well-rounded perspective and a tenacious mindset that he brings to his role as a recruiter. His ability to overcome challenges, adapt quickly, and build strong relationships makes him an invaluable asset to the Remarkable team.

Construction, Tech, Real Estate

All about Dani:  With over a decade in sales and marketing, she brings a wealth of experience to Remarkable Jobs, ready to elevate their talent acquisition game!

Dani’s personal interests paint a vibrant picture of her life outside the office. Music and fashion enthusiast, brunch connoisseur with her friends, and most importantly, a dedicated family person—spending quality time with her two kids and hubby.

Construction, Engineering, Professional Services

Introducing Sue, our vibrant recruiter, delving into the dynamic realm of construction and engineering roles! With her laughter as infectious as her drive, Sue brings a fresh perspective to talent acquisition. All about Sue… Off-duty, she’s a maestro at balancing work with a bustling family life—partnered with her spouse, she treasures moments with her two children and her beloved cats!

FMCG, Senior Appointments, Sales and Marketing

Becky is eternally energised by the pace and challenges of the recruitment sector. Her favourite Remarkable thing? The challenge of finding the perfect fit, and never giving up until her clients are matched with their perfect candidates. All about Becky… For over 18 years Becky has been involved in the buying and selling of branded good into the retail sectors. She also has export experience. She enjoys travel and a good catch up with friends.

office duties and aggravating the postman

Cookie spends her days in a basket in a patch of sunlight in the Remarkable office. Her favourite Remarkable thing? Cuddles All about Cookie… she loves everyone except the Postman.

Executive Hires, Clinical Diagnostics and Pharmaceuticals

Ellie joined us in 2018 and had an immediate impact on the business with her energy and enthusiasm. Her favourite Remarkable thing? The excitement of the hunt for the perfect candidate, and the pace and energy at Remarkable. All about Ellie… Our social butterfly, Ellie is happiest when out and about, socialising and following the festival trail.

Senior Appointments and Director level within Life Science and Biotechnology

Natasha launched Remarkable Jobs in 2013, having been recruiting for her own businesses for 20 years. A true entrepreneurial spirit, this dynamo is at the heart of everything that Remarkable does. Her favourite Remarkable thing? Meeting clients, and getting straight to the heart of their business culture – a skill which allows her to find that needle in a haystack of candidates when required. All about Natasha… This one never stops, in or out of business. She fills her time with travel, events, entertaining, her family, and of course, Cookie the dog ��

The Remarkable Difference

We’re not just another recruitment company. We are structured and operate in an original way, so that you’ll see a remarkable difference.
Established in 2014, we are employee owned, and our team is small but committed, and highly effective. We are committed to getting every job placement right first time, both for the candidate and the client.

Our specialist resourcers have all been recruited from the industries that they now work in – meaning that they understand both client and candidate side, and the nuances of the industry and employers in the sector. We do not employ generalist recruiters, or pressure our staff with daily submission or registration targets – our focus is purely on finding the right candidate for the right role, every time… Read More

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